DIY Newsletter

Parents and guardians will have recieved email communication recently regarding voluntary contributions.

Voluntary contributions play an important role in enhancing teaching and learning at UCSSC Lake Ginninderra. Your voluntary contributions will help foster innovation, collaborative learning and make an impact for current and future students. 

Your support goes towards initiatives, purchase of materials and resources and enabling projects across the school and in subject areas. Recent projects include: Commons upgrade (shown below), English and Humanities classroom improvements, Makerspace, Podcast equipment and upgrade of library and learning spaces.


In 2024 your support will help with initiatives such as: The Breakfast Club which supports student health and wellbeing, upgrading of photography and computer labs, new carpet through the front foyer of the college, learning support unit, gardens, and outdoor table tennis table for student use.


LakeFEST 2024 was a wonderful three-day celebration including Lake Ideas, Lake Chill and Lake Idol. This event helps to foster creativity and innovative thinking, whilst building our school community and connection.

Day One - Lake Ideas

The festivities commenced with Lake Ideas, a day dedicated to innovation. Chris, our Maths and Science Executive Teacher, kicked things off with a thrilling guesstimation easter egg challenge, with Parker and Brenton both guessing the exact number of eggs in the jar - 123. Meanwhile, the return of the Spelling Bee brought forth a flurry of puns and spelling prowess, with Emma reclaiming her title as the ultimate wordsmith and Xavier taking out second place. Principal, Melissa entertained as the Word Master once again and Humanities Executive Teacher, Zoe took out the winning title for staff.

English staff member Adam ran a captivating session of chess and board games, while Icey, our Business teacher, oversaw the Lake Pitch session, showcasing budding entrepreneurs like Reece and his stylish and contemporary hoodie venture with interchangeable zipper patch designs.

Day Two - Lake Chill

Lake Chill offered a welcome respite from the hustle and bustle, as Deputy Principal Scott and Arts and Technology Executive Teacher Shannon treated staff to 'Lattes by the Lake’. Cam and Cuz ensured sports enthusiasts didn't miss a beat, hosting an NBA viewing party in the lecture theatre.

Buddy and the PE staff injected a dose of fun with a Cornhole tournament during recess. PK introduced students to the art of Henna, inspiring creativity, and cultural appreciation.

As lunchtime rolled around, the gym was busy with the Free Throw competition, while Jenny and Eva led crochet and knitting activities.

Day Three - Lake Idol and Wellbeing Expo

The grand finale of Lake Fest unfolded on Day Three, featuring the highly anticipated Lake Idol competition. From dynamic dancers to soulful vocalists, students showcased their talents to an enthusiastic audience. Principal Melissa, along with Drama/Dance teacher Lachlan and student representative Caitlin, had the tough task of selecting winners, with the Dance number clinching the top spot, congratulations to Amyra, Arden, Jasper, Kendra and Selima! Special kudos to Sol, Jackson, Izzi and Brad for winning the people's choice award. All the performers are to be congratulated for their incredible performances.

Amidst the excitement of Lake Idol, students and staff enjoyed a free BBQ, fuelling the festivities. Simultaneously, the courtyard was alive with activity as the Wellbeing Expo welcomed various providers offering valuable insights on wellness initiatives and health issues.

LakeFEST 2024 was a resounding success, fostering connections and community spirit throughout the college. As we reflect on the week's events, let's carry forward the inspiration, creativity, and sense of well-being that LakeFEST has instilled within us all. Here's to many more memorable celebrations in the future!

Thank you to all staff and students who participated and contributed in LakeFEST!

Harmony Day

This term we celebrated Harmony Day with a delightful gathering that illuminated the strong cultural diversity and unity at our school. Students and staff came together to showcase their talents through dance and musical performances, complemented by a mouthwatering selection of international delicacies. The vibrant atmosphere was a testament to the collaborative effort of our school community, with great appreciation to all volunteers who dedicated their time and effort to make the event a success. A special acknowledgment is owed to the student leadership group, who had the initial inspiration for the event and ensured its smooth operation. Despite the rapid disappearance of the culinary delights, the enthusiasm of everyone attending remained undiminished, as students lingered to soak in the spirit of togetherness and celebration. It was a fantastic way to celebrate the diversity of our school.

'Kiss Me Kate' Musical Production

Rehearsals are well underway for 2024’s College musical, Kiss Me, Kate!. With music and lyrics by Cole Porter and a book by Sam and Bella Spewack, Kiss Me, Kate! is a musical reimagining of Shakespeare’s “The Taming of the Shrew”, filled with comedy, romance, gangsters, and raucous, show-stealing song and dance.

In a steamy Baltimore theatre in 1948, egotistical producer, director and star Fred Graham is producing his own star vehicle - a musical of “Taming of the Shrew”. In the lead role, he has cast his furious ex-wife, film star Lili Vanessi. Adding to the tension of their professional and personal relationship is the presence of the young, ditzy starlet Lois Lane, her gambling boyfriend Bill Calhoun, and a pair of threatening, theatre-loving gangsters who are holding the show at gunpoint.

The show features such iconic songs as “So In Love,” “Too Darn Hot,” “Brush Up Your Shakespeare” and “Always True to You (In My Fashion)”, as well as fast paced dance, slapstick comedy, memorable characters and a chaotic, farcical story.

The students have been working hard in this first term, rehearsing scenes, songs, and larger dance numbers whilst the band has begun to learn the music.

Kiss Me, Kate! will be performed here at Lake Ginninderra Wednesday to Saturday 14-17 August. We look forward to seeing you there!

Safety Protocols and Procedures
ACT Government schools conduct familiarilty drills for evacuation and lockdown procedures throughout the year. In term 1, an evacuation drill was conducted and improvements made after reviewing the drill. There will be a lockdown drill during term 2 with further information to come. 

Health Medical and Applied Sciences (HMAS)

Students in the Health Medical and Applied Sciences R Unit have been on a captivating journey this year as we have delved into the realms of science and careers! Throughout the year, our weekly gatherings have offered students a diverse array of engaging activities, providing valuable insights into various scientific disciplines and potential career pathways.

We started the year with comprehensive discussions on the intricacies of medical education and some tips on how to be successful in the UCAT test for aspiring medical students. In this learned about the length of study that is needed to become a specialist and the process that student doctors go through.

We have also explored nutrition science, midwifery, and optometry, deepening our understanding of the interconnectedness of many health science careers. The nutritionist helped to dispel some of the common myths around food and nutrition, getting students to think about what choices they make and why. The midwives brought ‘baby pouches’ which you strapped on and allowed you to give birth, with baby, membrane and placenta included! Luckily the babies were quite robust as there were some difficult and rather unconventional births! Our excursion to the UC Optometry study facilities opened our eyes to the possibilities that come with a degree in optometry. We learned about the difficulties of having low or no vision from Guide Dogs Australia, and then toured the state-of-the-art eye testing facilities available to students in the UC clinic.

For students interested in sport science, we had the privilege of hearing from a guest speaker who shared insights into the field of exercise physiology - including the diversity of job opportunities, and options for getting into university courses if you don’t quite make the required ATAR (always handy to know!). We also learned the difference between exercise science and exercise physiology - a slight distinction between the two, but important to know if that is a field you are thinking about pursuing.

There are many more opportunities available in the rest of the year, so if you are interested in any of the health or applied sciences, please join us in the HMAS R Unit as we continue on this enriching journey of science career exploration.

Australian Computational and Linguistics Olympiad

The STEM faculty entered seven teams in the Australian Computational and Linguistics Olympiad this year from UC SSC Lake Ginninderra. The teams competed online to demonstrate their capacity to interpret the structure of languages that they have never encountered, using both logic and problem-solving skills. They answered a series of questions over a two-hour period and below, is an example of a question from a past paper. This question shows the use of pronouns in the Lardil language, spoken in the North of Australia. If you are interested in the answers, they are posted later in the newsletter, along with a photo of some students taking part.

Congratulations to our team of students who have made it into the second round. Best of luck to Jamie Lanc, Finn Crombie, Alex Nguyen and Laasyasri Gunnam. We will be posting the results on the school socials and provide it in the next school newsletter.


ACT UN Youth Voice

Congratulations to Leo McAuliffe (Y11) for his recent success at the ACT UN Youth Voice Public Speaking competition. Voice is a unique public speaking competition inviting students to pitch innovative solutions to some of the most complex social issues facing local communities, Australia and the world. Approximately 20 senior students competed in the ACT competition over two nights. In the first round, Leo prepared a speech that explored how Australia should balance its need to protect its own national security with its desire to promote international peace. He made it through to the ACT finals, where he prepared a second speech on how corporations can help mitigate the cost of living crisis. We’re pleased to report that Leo has now made it through to the National finals, which will be held in April. He will have to prepare a new speech from a list of topics provided.

Congratulations and good luck to Leo!
Chloe Diggins

Trade Skills for Teens

The Bunnings 'Trade Skills for Teens program’ is a 4-week program held each term at school where students gain hands on experience and learn basic building skills in a fun, engaging, and rewarding way.

Last year students assembled flat pack dog houses supplied by Bunnings and donated the finished products to RSPCA. An added bonus was that the students personally delivered the dog houses and met the furry friends who were going to benefit from the donation.

This term students are assembling chicken pens and then donating the finished products to a local not-for-profit community group. This program gives the students the opportunity to work in teams using a variety of tools, measuring, reading instructions and problem solving.

Sustainable Garden Program

Late last year Lake Ginninderra College was successful in obtaining a Bunnings grant which funded the refurbishment of a garden area in the school resulting in a sustainable garden for students to maintain and enjoy whilst learning about sustainability.

The students are working through a monthly garden planner and this month will be focusing on Composting, worming, mushrooms, and winter vegetable planting.

Breakfast Club

Our Breakfast Club program is open to all students and staff, allowing every member of the UCSSC Lake Ginninderra community to access the most important meal of the day with their peers.

Our casual friendly atmosphere encourages students to feel welcomed and connected to the college.

Capital Chemist Awards

Presentations of the Capital Chemist sponsored awards for the Public Education Foundation were recently held at the Hellenic Club. Our College recipients were
  • Ellie Magee, Academic Excellence Award
  • Amelia Tattam, Citizenship Award
  • Nathanael How, Capital Chemist Award

Deputy Principal Gerard Barrett with our Capital Chemist Award recipients.
(L - R Gerard Barrett, Ellie Magee, Amelia Tattam, Nathanael How)

Clean Up Australia Day

Clean Up Australia Day was a resounding success! Students came together to fill and deliver bags upon bags of collected rubbish, showcasing their dedication to preserving our environment. Among the intriguing items brought in were a whole wood plank, unused wires, and even some metal. It was heartening to see so many people invested in cleaning up areas that had been neglected for far too long.

Special thanks to the Student Leadership Group (SLG) for organizing the event, ensuring its smooth execution. We extend our gratitude to Kirk Zwangobani, our Deputy Principal, for overseeing the tally of rubbish collected. As promised, the winning SG will receive a well-deserved prize of a bag of Zooper Doopers.

A big round of applause to everyone who participated in this effort to sanitize and beautify Australia. Your commitment to environmental stewardship is truly commendable!

International Womens Day

Celebrating International Women's Day left students inspired and grateful for the opportunity to hear from such esteemed speakers. Dr. Fiona Dyer's insights into water science shed light on the importance of environmental stewardship and inclusive decision-making. Alicia Lillington's leadership journey showcased the power of transformative change and advocacy for gender equity in the workplace. Her story was particularly inspiring as she had only recently had a baby, so we really appreciated the effort taken to come and speak to us! Annie-Lea Rowley's dedication to empowering youth and under-served communities highlighted the vital role of mentorship and community engagement. Thank you to all the speakers for sharing your wisdom and experiences, and for reminding us of the imperative to 'Count Her In' and invest in women to accelerate progress. 

Partners in Learning

Wednesday evening saw the third iteration of our Partners in Learning (PIL) event, which has grown from 15 parents in 2022 to over 70 parents this year.

It was rewarding to see such a great turn out and so many parents committed to affecting change in the lives of their young people.

Parent feedback was overwhelming in affirming the value of PIL

“It changed my mindset to get involved and engage with my children for their learning.”

“It was all great. Really valued the insight to the AST and the psychology insight - great for parents to be helping in a constructive way.”

“Hints and ideas about engaging our child in talking about school work (was very useful). Great to learn about line H!”

Thanks to the presenting team – Linda Jakab, Chris Cutting, Chloe Diggins, Melissa Planten and Kirk Zwangobani.


Honouring Excellence in Education

On Wednesday 27 March, classroom teacher KJ Shaw and executive teacher Shannon Kowalick attended a reception held in honour of teachers and members of the ACT School Comunity, recognising excellence in our system. His Excellency General the Honourable David Hurley AC DSC (Retd), Governor-General of the Commonwealth of Australia, and Her Excellency Mrs Linda Hurley hosted the event at Government House, personally thanking guests for their ongoing comitment and contribution to our school system. Mrs Linda Hurley, a former teacher herself, was overcome with emotion as she detailed the importance of teachers and the work they do, with students always at the heart. It was a wonderful event and a privilege to have been able to attend.


Deputy Director General Visit

Jane Simmons - Deputy Director-General visited the college this term. Thanks to several of students who met with Jane and assisted with a tour of the school.


(L to R: Nathanael, Melissa, Ellie, Jane, Leo, Zac)

She Leads Conference

The "She Leads College Conference 2024" held at the Canberra Rex Hotel was a transformative event for five students: Amelia Tattam, Amelia Condon-Cernovs, Emily Hyde, Sarah Perrott, and Sonia Simons. This conference centred on the theme of 'Rise Up', where panellists shared their personal leadership journeys, including significant challenges and triumphs in overcoming adversity. The students participated in workshops that further explored the concept of 'rising up' and shared their insights on the topic. Speakers at the conference emphasized the importance of inclusive leadership, illustrating that leadership is accessible to anyone at any stage of life. The key takeaway for our students was the value of diverse skills, interests, and backgrounds in cultivating effective leadership. This experience underscored the belief that embracing diversity leads to stronger leadership qualities.

Pilot of the Student-Centred School Improvement Framework

All ACT Government schools undergo a review process every 3-5 years conducted by the ACT Department of Education. Over the past eighteen months, the Education Directorate and school leaders have been designing an updated school improvement model for the ACT school system. The Student-Centred School Improvement Framework (SCIF) will place student growth, development, and success explicitly at the centre of what we do in schools.

Our college is due to pilot this review in 2024. The aim is to continually improve our ACT schools. SCIF aims to provide an environment for fulfilling student potential by supporting schools to sustain accessible, inclusive, and effective teaching and learning.

Part of the process involves a group of principals and ACT Department staff visiting schools to chat with the school leadership team, teachers, students, and parents. In term 1, an external review team conducted classroom visits with teachers and students which involved dropping in on lessons, and discussing topics which included Pedagogy, Curriculum and Assessment.

This external review team will again return to Lake Ginninderra in term 2 for the formal review process. At this time, the review team will again engage with students, staff, and in addition with the wider school community.

Below is a copy of the SCIF model.


UC SSC Lake Ginninderra College is piloting the ‘Learning’ dimension. This has elements and focuses as shown:


The results of school review and development of the next school improvement cycle will be shared via our website with our community once completed.

Capital Works Upgrades Commencing

In 2023 the College was fortunate to receive a Public Schools Infrastructure Renewal Program (PSIRP) grant for the upgrade of our Media, Photography, Design, and IT learning spaces.

Over Term 1 this year, we have been finalising the project detail. ‘Colda Constructions’ won the procurement tender for the build which will commence during the upcoming school holidays.

Construction is expected to take 12 – 14 weeks, with the new 21st Century learning spaces coming online in Term 3, 2024.

Several classes will be relocated from the building zone for Term 2 and temporary computer labs are also being stood up to accommodate Photography, IT, Media, Design and Small Group Programs.

As expected, there will be some disruption, however, this should be minimal and well worth the upgrade to a large section of the College.

We will provide regular updates as the project progresses throughout the remainder of the semester.

If you require any further information please contact Deputy Principal Kirk Zwangobani or Business Manager Jason Smith via email

New mobile phone policy for all ACT public schools

The new Personal Use of Communication Devices in ACT Public Schools Policy commenced from the beginning of term 1, 2024.

For students at UC SSC Lake Ginninderra this means:

  • mobile phones and other personal communications devices must be silenced and put away during class time except where used as a learning tool under teacher direction.

Special consideration and exemptions
Exemptions can be requested if a student needs their device/assistive technology:

  • to manage or monitor a medical condition
  • to help meet caring or family responsibilities
  • to support adjustments for students with disability as part of an agreed individual learning plan.

If you would like to apply for an exemption please speak with our front office.

You can read more about the policy including frequently asked questions on the Education Directorate website

Parent Portal Has Launched

Parent Portal is now available. It is a secure online platform used to share student information between you and your child’s teachers.

Some reminders about Parent Portal:

  • If you already have a Parent Portal account, use this Parent Portal access link to start using the great features.
  • You can’t access Parent Portal directly through the ACT Digital Account website; you need to use the link above.
  • When you are logged into Parent Portal, we recommend saving the browser as a favourite or to the homepage on your mobile phone for quick access in the future.
  • The website can only be viewed using a web browser on your computer, mobile phone or tablet. An app is not available at this time.
  • If you still need to register, you will need an access key and a Parent Portal registration link via email to link your existing account to your child’s records. If you haven’t received this, please contact the school’s front office team for assistance.

Head to our website for all the details:

STEM Tutorials: A Launchpad for Future Innovators!

In a world where the boundaries of what's possible are constantly being redrawn by advancements in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM), our school community has taken a significant leap forward. Our Friday afternoon STEM tutorials have ignited a spark of curiosity and enthusiasm among our students, with over 15 young minds attending most sessions. This burgeoning interest in the realms of mathematics and sciences speaks volumes about our students' eagerness to learn and explore.

A noteworthy observation has been the surge in attendance around assessment periods. This highlights the critical role these tutorials play in helping students cement their understanding and approach assessments with confidence. While the increased attendance during these times is fantastic, we're eager to see this level of engagement continue throughout the year. Regular attendance at these tutorials offers a golden opportunity for students to consistently reinforce their understanding and stay ahead in their academic journey.

We encourage all our students to take advantage of this incredible resource – your future self will thank you for it!

Delve into the fascinating world of pathogens and human health with Science at ANU's engaging outreach program!

Recently, Human Biology year 12 students had the unique opportunity to immerse themselves in hands-on activities tailored to their current studies. From mastering microscopy techniques to sharpen their skills in pipetting and gel electrophoresis, students were guided by ANU academic and support staff through the process of diagnosing infectious diseases. This interactive experience not only deepened their understanding of the subject matter but also provided invaluable insight into real-world laboratory practices. Students were highly inspired by the exciting collaborations and educational opportunities from Science at ANU!

Physics Impulse Practical Workshop

Year 11 Physics students engaged in a fun practical session this week to explore concepts around momentum and impulse. Momentum in Physics is a measure of the amount of motion that an object possesses, being calculated as the mass of an object multiplied by its velocity. Changes in the momentum of an object occur as a result of an applied impulse, which is the name given for a force acting over a period of time.

Students learned that by extending the time over which a force acts, a smaller force is required to change the momentum of an object. This is the principle behind crumple zones on cars as well as the use of rubber matting in gymnastics and other sporting events.

Year 11 Physics students ended the practical session by throwing eggs at a sheet. The sheet is able to move with the egg, slowing down the change in momentum and reducing the force experienced by the egg. Most eggs survived, with the few that broke being the result of poor aim. Hopefully everyone feels a little safer travelling in cars knowing that Physics is at work reducing their chances of being hurt.

Check out the following gallery for the Girls in STEM Day at the AFP Forensics Facility

Upcoming Events

The Australian Cyber Schools Challenge
Starting Term 2 students will be competing in a hyper realistic cyber range to test their industry level skills in cyber security via online learning modules and live-fire cyber activities. Each year we partake in The Australian Schools Cyber Challenge which is designed to provide practical, hands-on learning opportunities for our students who are interested in future study in computer networks, data security and cyber security, and/or pursuing a career in this field after school.

The Great Science Adventure
Our students are venturing to Dubbo Zoo for a hands-on learning experience that bridges classroom science with real-world application. This trip is set to spark curiosity about the interconnections within science, unveil diverse career paths, and demonstrate how theories translate into conservation and understanding of our natural world. We're excited for them to return, filled with new insights and inspired to explore the vast possibilities that science offers.

Australian Maths Trust - Computation and Algorithmic Thinking: 21st May 2024
The Computational and Algorithmic Thinking (CAT) competition gives students the opportunity to develop their problem-solving skills through algorithmic thinking. The competition incorporates unique ‘three-stage tasks’ that encourage students to develop informal algorithms and apply them to test data of increasing size or complexity.

Australian Maths Trust – Australian Mathematics Competition 9th August
First run in 1978, the Australian Mathematics Competition is Australia’s longest running, largest and most well-known maths competition for school students. The AMC contains unique problems designed each year by leading educators and academics to challenge and extend your students’ problem-solving skills. Students will have the opportunity to take part in this fantastic program.

IT – Oxford University Computing Challenge: 18th June 2024
The Oxford University Computing Challenge (OUCC) helps students develop skills to produce programmed solutions to computational problems.



Dear all

Welcome to autumn or should that be winter! What a busy term it has been with an array of learning opportunities, experiences, and events.  This bumper newsletter edition covers so many activities, stories, and successes. We hope the year 11s are settling in, and enjoying the different opportunities college brings.

The school would like to take this occasion to thank ,and farewell, Gerard Barrett, Deputy Principal. Gerard will take some leave before retiring early 2025. Gerard has been at the College for 14 years and previously at Melba Copland College for 19 years.  Gerard taught mathematics and science, wrote BSSS courses for mathematics and physics and has worked in areas which have an impact on students including certification, ACT Scaling Test program, student welfare and in a leadership capacity.


Gerard is also a distance runner who represented Australia in the marathon at the Moscow Olympics in 1980, an amazing feat. These days he prefers to cycle. But even in that pursuit, it’s daily and a long way! Thank you, Gerard, for your dedication and support of the college and students and staff and for the difference you make/made to the education experience and lives for our students. We wish you well and all the very best for the future.

School upgrades and learning space re-development.

Thank you to all as the school commences upgrades, refurbishments and new learning environments for students and staff.  Busy times ahead and work, collaboration and flexibility very much appreciated for our students and future students. Thank you to all stake holders involved who have progressed projects.

Sharing school events and student success.

LakeFEST occurred last week and is a three-day exploration of ideas, creativity, and wellbeing. It enables students to extend their learning beyond the classroom. Commencing in 2023 it is now an annual mainstay on the school calendar. Thank you all for your participation, and support of, LakeFEST including the Lake Idol event. Thank you also to community providers at the Wellbeing EXPO. 

Congratulations to performers, singers, musicians, bands and dancers. The judges found it very difficult to separate the acts and did want to give the Staff Band an Honourable Mention for their rendition of ‘Take on Me’ by Ah Ha. Speaking of acts, we are all really looking forward to the school musical “Kiss Me Kate” from 15-17 August.

Congratulations to our Capital Chemist Award winners 2024. Ellie Magee, Academic Excellence Award, Amelia Tattam, Citizenship Award, Nathanael How, Capital Chemist Award.

Congratulations to 14 year 11 students who are the successful applicants to undertake an H course university extension at the Australian National University. The College was highly successful this year doubling successful entrants. Courses the students will undertake include Biodiversity, Commerce, Continuing Japanese, Creative Computing, Discovering Engineering and Physics. We wish students well as they commence study in term 2.

I also attended the AISACT Leadership Breakfast where Lisa Paul Chancellor at The University of Canberra spoke about her extensive career.

His Excellency General the Honourable David Hurley AC DSC (Retd), Governor-General of the Commonwealth of Australia, and Her Excellency Mrs Linda Hurley invited 50 ACT public school teachers to attend a special event recognising and celebrating the contributions made by teachers and educators in the ACT. Shannon Kowalick and KJ Shaw were selected to attend this event.

Jane Simmons Deputy Director General visited the school on Thursday 7 March, enjoyed a tour, chatting with students and discovering the great programs and courses on offer.

Student Centred Improvement Framework

In 2024, UCSSC Lake Ginninderra will be one of 17 ACT Public Schools to ‘test and trial’ the ACT Directorate’s new ‘Student-Centred Improvement’ Framework. This framework will be ready for full implementation for all public schools in 2025. The Student-Centred Evaluation Framework will replace the current National Schools Improvement Tool (NSIT) which involved 5-year review cycles. The College’s focus is on curriculum, pedagogy and assessment and we shall keep you informed of possible focus groups and student/parent/carer input opportunities.

Voluntary contributions

The College really appreciates the voluntary contributions families make to assist with student resources, improving learning spaces, library/research centre, equipment, student programs and learning/curriculum initiatives. A request for voluntary contributions has been sent to families. Thanking you in advance for your support.

In 2024-2025 your support will help the re-design of classroom/open areas, IT labs, Media suite and facilities to create contemporary learning environments and welcoming sustainable spaces for students and the school community. Please refer to information in this newsletter on how to contribute.

Enrolments for 2025 (prospective year 10 students) open Tuesday 30 April 2024. Closes Friday 7 June 2024


To enrol please go to our website or the Education Directorate site. 

Priority Enrolment Area Suburbs (PEA) are Aranda, Belconnen, Bruce, Cook, Giralang, Kaleen, Lawson, Macquarie, McKellar.

Information Night 2024 for prospective students 2025


I shall host a coffee catchup in term 2, please stay tuned for date and time. Hoping to show you some of the new projects we have ongoing, coffee and raisin toast from our café cart, and to meet some of our heads of departments too.

Lest We Forget as we commemorate ANZAC Day 2024 during the holidays.


All the best for the break, recharge the batteries and relax.
Please don’t forget the first Monday of each term is pupil free so school resumes for students on Tuesday 30 April.

Melissa Planten

Intercollege Basketball

We participated in an intercollege basketball tournament featuring three boys' teams and one girls' team. Games were played every Thursday from weeks 3-7 against colleges around the ACT, with preliminary finals kicking off in week 8.

In the quarterfinals, our Blue's boys' team dominated their opponents from Hawker with a commanding score of 123-18, securing a resounding victory. However, the White's boys' team faced a tough challenge against Gungahlin College, resulting in a loss with a score of 54-101, ending their journey in the tournament. The girls' team also faced Gungahlin College in their semi-finals. Despite their best efforts, they fell short, with a final score of 22-34, concluding their run in the tournament.

The Blue's team battled Erindale College in the grand final, Thursday week 10. We came from behind to just pip Erindale. It was another close and exciting game between the two schools, with the quality of Basketball being played each year increasing. This is a credit to the next generation of Basketballers showing their passion and commitment.

Intercollege Oztag 

Weeks 3-7 this term saw 3 mixed oztag teams play a round robin tournament against other colleges in the north side. With many talented teens showcasing their ball skills, teamwork, and defensive tactics week to week. In in the end, it was Gungahlin College who won in a competitive final against Lake Ginninderra Black, who ended up 3rd on the ladder, followed by Lake Ginninderra Blue in 4th place and Lake Ginninderra Green in 5th place. Congratulations and we look forward to seeing many of you back for term 2 intercollege sports of ultimate frisbee and futsal.

ACT Secondary Tennis - Boys and Girls

Daniel Rowing (year 11) is the ACT Boys Individual Tennis Champion! Dan will now be apart of the ACT Pizzey Cup team that travels to the Australian Championships in Hobart in May. We would like to wish Daniel all the best for this tournament and congratulate him on his achievments thus far.

AFL Canberra - Senior Cup North - Boys and Girls

On Thursday week 6 the Senior Schools AFL Gala Day was held for Northside colleges, we had both a girls’ and boys’ team.

The boys’ team who, after early losses to St Francis Xavier and Hawker, secured a victory over Gungahlin, landing a 4th place finish in the group stages and qualifying for semis. Their journey to the semi-finals saw a challenging match up against Radford where they unfortunately fell short.

The girls team clinched early victories against St Francis Xavier and Gungahlin. Despite encountering tough losses from Radford and Daramalan, the girls maintained their momentum, securing a commendable 2nd place overall after being unavailable for the grand final.

VACT College Beach Vball Cup

The biggest sport participation event of year (89 teams & 278 college students across the ACT) was held Friday week 6! We also had a record number of teams from Lake Ginninderra (25), who all behaved and participated with fantastic skill and sportsmanship. They were brilliant ambassadors for the college on a very hot and challenging day. A big thank you to Buddy for coordinating the day with Volleyball ACT. As well as Brooke, Anna & Skylar for their invaluable support and student management.

Our girls pairs won the title for the 10th consecutive year (Emily Benson & Ema Rajic).

Our boys pairs filled 7 of the 8 quarter final spots to win an 18th consecutive title (Ben Larson & Jack Renner)

The Mixed Fours title was fought out by 52 teams. We finished runners up after narrowly losing the grand final in a fantastic match.

Water Polo ACT College Day

Wednesday of week 7 we combined with Gungahlin College to create a water polo team for the ACT College Gala Day. Lake G/Gunners kicked off their day at the tournament with an impressive performance securing a strong win over Canberra Grammer in the opening match. The team then went on to play a challenging match with Canberra College, resulting in a hard-fought loss. However, Lake G/Gunners managed to come back and win their last match against another Combined College team and finish 3rd place in the tournament.

For some players, the tournament served as an opportunity to experience water polo for the first time.

ACT Oztag

On Wednesday of week 7 we had two boys and a girls teams take on the ACT College Gala Day.

Lake G Green finished 7th out of 8 teams with 1 win and 5 losses. Lake G Blue finished 2nd out of 8 teams making finals with 4 wins, 1 loss, and a draw. Girls finished 2nd out of 6 teams with 3 wins, 1 loss, and a draw.

We would like to congratulate both Lake G Blue and the Girls who although fell short in their grand finals, went on to qualify for Sydney in August this year.

NRL College Rugby League Schoolboys Trophy (JA Cup)

On Tuesday of week 9 we had a boys team represent Lake Ginninderra and showcase their talent in the NRL College League Schoolboys Trophy (John Allen Cup). The boys had an even 2-2 record with great start in a comfortable win over Gungahlin before falling to Erindale Red. They went on to accomplish a massive comeback win against Erindale Black, which secured their qualification into the Country Round in NSW later this year before finishing in a loss to Erindale White.

Congratulations to the boys for advancing into the next round on point difference.


Australian Beach Volleyball Schools Cup (ABVSC)

12 students travelled to Coolangatta Beach for the Australian Beach Volleyball Schools Cup (ABVSC) at the end of week 8. Battling rain, wind, glare and burning sunshine the students all put in 100%, showcasing their athleticism and passion for volleyball. Emily Benson and Ema Rajic won the silver medal in the girls pairs; Max Edvardsson and Will Witherford won the bronze medal in the boys pairs which is an incredible effort.

School Sport ACT (SSACT) Excellence Awards

Huge congratulations to staff member Chris Jones on being awarded the ACT Official of the year for 2023. Chris has been a part of the ACT 18&U Golf team for more than a decade, each year travelling with the students and supporting them to compete in the Australian Championship. His dedication and commitment to giving back to the community and supporting the next generation to be passionate about sport is admirable. Congratulations Chris!

Students who were acknowledged at the SSACT Excellence awards include:

Year 11

  • Ryan Gooch – 13&O Achievement nominee, 13&0 All Rounder recipient and All Australian Team acknowledgement (16&U Basketball)
  • Sophie Weaver - 13&O leadership recipient
  • Alysha Kumar - All Australian Team acknowledgement (18&U Tennis)
  • Moses Kaufusi – 13&O Leadership nominee

Year 12

  • Riley Yuen - 13&O Leadership nominee

Alumni 2023

  • Ben Slater – 13&O Achievement nominee, 13&O Sportsmanship nominee and All Australian Team acknowledgement (18&U Boys Softball).

SSACT selection 2024

This term we have had 5 students selected to represent the ACT in the Australian Schools Sporting championships later in the year. Congratulations to the following students:

  • Jake Slater – 18&U Softball Boys
  • Ben Godwin – 16&U Basketball Boys
  • Erin Boardman – 18&U Softball Girls
  • Alisha Kumar – 18&U Tennis
  • Daniel Rowing – 18&U Tennis
  • Reece Harrigan - 16&U Basketball Boys

Individual Student Success

Year 11

Georgia Ritchie

Georgia attended the Junior Matildas camp in March at the AIS and has been travelling with Canberra United squad this season.

Alexandra Barham and Sophie Weaver

Congratulations to Alex and Sophie on their selection in the ACT U18’s Girls Indoor Cricket team who are heading to Victoria for Nationals in July.

Ryan Gooch, Stirling Musgrove, Solomon Duggan, Ajak Nyuon, Aleer Chol and Max Manning

The boys above have all been selected in the U18’s ACT Boys Basketball team that will be heading to Brisbane for the 2024 Footlocker National Championships in April.

Zara Russell

Zara will be a part of the U18’s ACT Girls Basketball team heading to Brisbane with the boys for the 2024 Footlocker National Championships in April.

Emme Culver

Congratulations Emme on being selected in the U17’s ACT netball team who will travel to Victoria for the National Netball Championships in April.

Year 12

Imojean Vea

Imojean has been representing the Canberra Raiders in the Westpac Tarsha Gale Cup (Girls Rugby League). The competition has allowed young women aspiring to pursue a career in rugby league to be exposed to a high level sporting experience travelling to Sydney, Canberra and surrounding suburbs to compete.

Nathan White

Nathan has been selected in the ACT Boys Golf team who will head to the Australian Junior Interstate Teams Matches in Perth this April. Congratulations on your selection and good luck!

Cameron Myers

Cameron has continued his amazing form winning the national open men’s title in the 3000m in a time of 7:46.38! This was a new U20 record at the Chemist Warehouse Sydney Track Classic on Saturday March 23. Congratulations Cam and wishing good luck with securing his place in the Olympic team at next week's national titles in Adelaide.


Jack McVeigh

Jack is an alumnus from 2013; he has hit the shot of the year in the grand final series to put Tasmanian Jack Jumper one step closer to a first NBL title. Check out the moment at


The Jack Jumpers went on to win the championship with Jack starring in the final game.

March Madness

March Madness, is a single-elimination tournament played in the United States to determine the men's and women’s college basketball national champion of the Division I level in the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA). Played mostly during March, the tournament consists of 68 teams and was first conducted in 1939. Below is the list of Alumni who participated in 2024:

  • Last-Tear Poa (LSU)
  • Kelsey Rees (Oregon State)
  • Sarah-Rose Smith (Colorado)
  • Isabel Palmer (Utah)
  • Jaz Shelley (Nebraska)
  • Jess Petrie (Nebraska)
  • Elissa Brett (Michigan)
  • Chyra Evans (Michigan)
  • Emily Sewell (California Baptist)
  • Tyrese Proctor (Duke)
  • Rory Hawke (St Mary’s)
  • Harry Wessels (St Mary’s)
  • Alex Ducas (St Mary’s)
  • Jensen Bradtke (St Mary’s)
  • Alex Condon (Florida)
  • Reyne Smith (Charleston)
  • Evan Kilminster (Charlston)

Omnia Inclusive Employment Solutions are disability employment and Youth NDIS specialists. They partner with individuals, carers, employers, community groups and allied health providers to create personalised programs that touch every part of a candidate’s life – from increased independence and social skills, to finding and thriving in meaningful long-term employment. 

You may be interested in the activities offered during the school holiday break. 

Term 2 Pupil Free Days

Reminder – Monday 29 April 2024 is a Pupil Free Day

A friendly reminder to all parents and carers that there are 3 remaining student-free days for ACT public schools in 2024. These are the first day of each school term:

Term 2 – Tuesday 30 April 2024
Term 3 – Tuesday 23 July 2024
Term 4 – Tuesday 15 October 2024

Pupil free days are for staff development, enabling teachers and schools to plan in a pupil free environment. The increase in student-free planning days from 2024 is part of our Teaching Staff Enterprise Agreement, which prioritises better teacher workloads for educational leadership, teaching and learning.

Information about Absences

Teachers record student attendance at each lesson. To enable accurate and up to date recording and reporting of attendance, providing adequate documentation (SMS, email or Notification of Absence Form and accompanying official documentation) to Student Services after an absence should not be delayed. A 'Satisfactory explanation’ for an absence is one that is supported by appropriate documentation. Examples of appropriate documentation include:

  • Medical Certificate or evidence of an appointment with a practitioner
  • Satisfactory written explanation of absence signed by parent/guardian (e.g. family crisis or bereavement, representative sport etc.)

An explanation (even if a signed note is provided) which is unsatisfactory may not be accepted and be deemed an ‘unauthorised explanation’. Examples of unsatisfactory reasons for absence include:

  • Work commitments
  • Driving lessons
  • Missing the bus
  • Illness without satisfactory documentation (see above)
  • ‘Personal’ reasons where no detail is provided (or these reasons are repeatedly used)

The intention of the attendance policy is early identification and reporting of poor attendance (including lateness, which is identified as “Timed” on the fortnightly absence reports).

If an Absence Form is submitted, but the explanation of absence is assessed as an ‘unauthorised explanation’, parents will be informed and the explanation on the absence report will be identified as ‘unauthorised explanation’.

Extended Leave

We encourage families to contact the college a week in advance by phone or email with information about planned leave of 5 days or more (due to reasons such as holidays, sport representative or medical procedures) to allow enough time for students to collate information from teachers about the work to catch up on. This should allow enough time for students to collect an Extended Leave Agreement Form from Student Services to take to their teachers, have it signed by parent/carers, and returned to Student Services.

Special Consideration Due to Illness

Students are eligible for special provisions if they are disadvantaged by an illness during or immediately prior to an assessment. Students will need to provide appropriate medical evidence, such as a medical certificate, to Student Services.

Special Consideration Due to Misadventure

Students who would like to request a one day extension for an assessments may do so with their classroom teacher. If the student would like an extension of two days or more, they will need to make an appointment with their Year Coordinator, or with Betty Chau, Jenny Parsons or Scott Eastburn in Student Services.

Students can make bookings instantly online using the link:

Mental Health and Wellbeing Support

There are plenty of supports available for young people who are experiencing challenges with their mental health. At Lake Ginninderra College, students can speak to:

  • Support Group teacher
  • Year Coordinator
  • Youth Worker

Our school psychologist, Maddie Althaus, will be on maternity leave from Week 13. While the school continues to receive support from the School Psychology Service, there will be no onsite consultations until further advice. There are numerous online and in-person support organisations, see flyer below.

Students can access their Student Assessment Calendar via the following QR code. 


Careers News

Discover Exciting Career Opportunities for Your Child!

Introducing: Lake Ginninderra Careers

We understand the importance of guiding your child towards a successful and fulfilling career path. That's why we're thrilled to introduce you to Lake Ginninderra Careers - an invaluable resource designed to support your child's journey towards their dream career.

What is Lake Ginninderra Careers?

Lake Ginninderra Careers is an online platform dedicated to providing students with comprehensive information and resources to explore various career pathways. From career assessments to job listings, this platform serves as a one-stop destination for all things related to career planning.

Benefits for Your Child:

  • Career Exploration: Encourage your child to explore diverse career options through detailed information on different industries, job roles, and required qualifications.
  • Educational Resources: Access a wide range of educational resources, including articles, videos, and guides, to help your child make informed decisions about their future.
  • Skills Development: Help your child enhance their skills and employability through access to training programs, workshops, and internships.
  • Job Opportunities: Stay updated on the latest job openings and internship opportunities tailored to your child's interests and qualifications.

Important Links:

Many Important Career Websites: Explore a curated list of important career websites that provide valuable information and resources to assist your child in their career journey.

Online Work Experience: Access online work experience opportunities to gain practical insights into various industries and professions, enhancing your child's understanding of potential career paths.

University Application: Prepare your child for university applications and admissions with guidance and resources provided by the University Admissions Centre (UAC).

How Parents Can Support:

  • Encourage Exploration: Encourage your child to explore different career paths and discover their passions and interests.
  • Provide Guidance: Offer guidance and support as your child navigates through the various stages of career planning and decision-making.
  • Stay Informed: Stay informed about the resources available on Lake Ginninderra Careers and encourage your child to utilise them effectively.
  • Open Communication: Keep communication channels open with your child to understand their aspirations and concerns regarding their future career.

Get Started Today!

Visit Lake Ginninderra Careers today and embark on an exciting journey towards a bright and successful future for your child!

For any inquiries or assistance, feel free to reach out to the Lake Ginninderra Careers team.

UCSSC Careers Market Day 2024

This event will consist of stalls representing organisations such as Universities, Registered Training Organisations (RTO), Apprenticeship Centres, Group training Organisations, Private Colleges, Professional Associations and Employers to support our students transitioning to further work and study options. It will be held in the Commons on Wednesday 8 May from 1:00-3:00pm.

Contact Us

For Work Experience enquiries, please make an appointment to see Ryan using this link.

For ASBA enquiries, please use the booking sheet on the Careers Office door to see Fiona.

Medical / Dentistry Pathway Opportunities

Any Year 12 students are considering a career in medicine or dentistry will need to sit a compulsory entry exam known as the UCAT (University Clinical Aptitude Test) before they can apply for relevant placements in the aforementioned fields of study within most universities

Please see below for upcoming UCAT and Interview Preparation services offered through the National Institute of Education

UCAT Preparation (For Year 10, 11 and 12 Students)

UCAT Verbal Reasoning

27 April 2024: Advanced Skills Masterclass Webinar

Curtin University Casper Test Preparation

11 May 2024: Casper Test Masterclass Webinar

Medical Interviews (For Year 11 and 12 Students)

UCAT and Pathways into Medicine / Dentistry Webinar
Students, teachers, and parents are invited to attend. FREE Admission

Future Doctors Australia 

  • 4-day attendance program in Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane
  • Age: 14-18 years 

The "Future Doctors Australia" program. This engaging and high-impact 4-day program will provide young people with a unique opportunity to gain medical work experience in a safe and structured environment. Participants will be able to spend time with current junior and senior medical students. They will also have the rare opportunity to spend time with more senior clinicians and various medical specialists. You will get to learn about the clinical specialist's relevant fields of work, ask them questions, and learn some hands-on skills. Spots are strictly limited. Tell me more...

Academic Insight Program

(11-day residential program in Sydney)
Medicine, Psychology, Veterinary Studies, Creative Writing, Engineering, Business Management

  •  Age: 13-18 years
  •  Spots are strictly limited

This immersive Academic Insights 11-day summer program provides ambitious high school students with an experience studying undergraduate-level subjects at the University of Sydney. Enrolments are open to students Australia-wide (13-18 years). Spots are strictly limited. Tell me more...

From the ACT Scaling Test (AST) Coordinator

This term, we have been busy rolling out our AST Preparation and Training Program for our Year 12 Tertiary students. This term, Year 12 T students have:

  • Received the results from their trial papers sat in November last year. This included individualised feedback and marks for all 191 students who sat the trial.
  • Participated in information sessions to consider data insights related to our group performance in the trials.
  • Participated in AST Week in Week 5 in their classes with classroom teachers.

In Week 5, we launched our inaugural AST Week. The aim of AST Week is to:

  • Introduce elements of AST Training-in-context (in class), in short bursts, with multiple exposures over the course of a week.
  • Underscore the importance and value of the AST and send a message to the students that it is worth their time.
  • Upskill students and staff in AST style problem solving and familiarity with the test.

During AST Week, classroom teachers ran through different problem sets for 20 minutes in their classes, which opened opportunities for conversations about the AST with their classroom teachers and peers. It also allowed students to road test a range of strategies and approaches for problem solving, and hopefully find some success in doing so. Research tells us that when students experience even small amounts of success, they are more highly motivated to persevere.  AST week will occur in Week 5 of Terms 1, 2 and 3 each year.

In Term 2, our AST Training sessions (on Wednesday H Line) will focus on skill development for Quantitative and Verbal short response questions. These sessions are compulsory for Year 12 T students and will count towards an AST R Unit.

Finally, a reminder not to organise family holidays or other avoidable travel on the AST dates. The 2024 AST will be held on Tuesday/Wednesday 3-4 September (Week 7, Term 3). Scheduled trips that are avoidable (i.e. they could be arranged for any other time) are not eligible reasons for AST Special Provisions or second sitting applications.

Upcoming dates:

  • 27-28 June (Week 20): AST 2nd Trial (compulsory for all Year 12 T students)
  • 17 July up to the day of the test: Special Emergency Provisions applications (for late injuries or illnesses such as broken bones, new diagnoses, unplanned surgery, etc.)

Term 2 Training Sessions

  • Group 1 (Surnames A-G): Term 2 Week 13-14, Wednesday H Line (2:40-3:40pm)
  • Group 2 (Surnames F-N): Term 2 Week 15-16, Wednesday H Line (2:40-3:40pm)
  • Group 3 (Surnames O-Z): Term 2 Week 17-18, Wednesday H Line (2:40-3:40pm)

Want an idea of what the AST looks like? See if you can solve these AST problems!

Chloe Diggins
AST Coordinator


Outdoor Recreation

This term the year 11 Recreation students have ventured to the coast for their Ocean trips. Students snorkelling went to Jervis Bay and saw Wobbegong sharks, Banjo Rays, Octopus, Cuttlefish, Bioluminescence and more. The Surfing students spent a thrilling couple of days at Broulee getting up on their feet but not without many laughs and wipeouts. The SCUBA students were introduced to whole new underwater world at Bawley Point where they saw Port Jackson Sharks, Nudibranchs, commons sting rays, and much more.

Year 12 students have been building their leadership skills this term assisting year 11 and local high school students with roping, canoeing, snorkelling, and equipment set up.

Students are now preparing to go to either Wee Jasper or Bungonia for their caving and abseiling trips.

Outdoor and Environmental Education (T Course)

In week 6 the year 12 tertiary students spent a very warm couple of days in the Jagungal Wilderness looking at the effects of bushfires on the Australian Alpine environment.

The year 11’s had a relaxing couple of days in Kosciuszko National Park walking from Guthega to Whites River Hut. They ventured up to the Rolling Grounds and students completed Nature Diary entries on the landscape, clouds, and flora.

Offline Program

This term has been filled with offline trips. We began with a Canyoning trip to the Blue Mountains where we abseiled, jumped, and danced our way through Grand Canyon, Lower Bowens Canyon, and Empress Canyon. Next up, we have 15 students off to Nowra and Point Perpendicular in week 11 for a 5-day climbing trip. Students will be able to test their abilities on lots of fun and challenging climbs.



As we celebrated World Teachers Day a few weeks ago the stories and articles in this newsletter highlight the amazing support, opportunities and inspiration teachers provide.

The “Be that teacher campaign’ is a national recruitment campaign to promote the teaching profession. Eight films created as part of the campaign were directed by acclaimed documentary filmmaker Christopher Nelius and show teachers from around Australia as they share the stories behind their most cherished mementos.

We are thrilled and very proud that Sam Davies our Head of English/EALD/Languages is one of the eight stories. 

After telling their stories, the teachers visit an exhibition space to place their mementos amongst others from teachers around Australia. Each film ends with a simple but inspiring call to action, asking viewers to ‘Be That Teacher’. 

Thank you, Sam, for sharing your memento, story and helping with that call to action.  Thanks to Keira too!

Thank you also to three of our year 11 students who took part in the ACT Media launch of the campaign with the ACT Minister for Education Yvette Berry MLA, at the school on Thursday 2 November. Ewen McMahon, Lucy Milner and Arshiya Abhishree were wonderful representatives and Ewen who is studying Economics, Global Studies and Economics in addition to English and Mathematics wants to be a teacher himself one day.



This campaign is cause for reflection for our teachers, and all educators, on those lives we have transformed, the mementos we received from students over the years acknowledging that appreciation, and the difference we all can make. 

ACT Public Education Awards

We also celebrate staff included in the ACT Public Education Awards and offer congratulations also to past student Caitlin Figueiredo who has been named 2024 ACT Young Australian of the Year.


Congratulations to Sarah Belling and Icey Zhou who were nominated for the ACT Public Education Awards. 

Icey was a finalist in the New Educator category, and we attended the awards at Llewellyn Hall ANU last Friday evening.

The Future of Education Ideas Summit

Gabriel, Lucy and Elhana and I headed to the University of Canberra to participate in ‘The Future of Education Ideas Summit’ on Friday 20 October. The Future of Education Ideas Summit brought together over 180 students, school leaders, and community members from across the Public, Catholic and Independent education systems to reflect on the halfway point of the ACT’s 10-year Future of Education Strategy.

Student voices were a key part of the day, with over 50 current primary, high school and college students who spoke boldly about what’s most important to them, and their big and small ideas for the future.

Student news

The Geographers headed to Antarctica (well, virtually) at the National Museum of Australia. The virtual reality adventure had 360-degree camera control and 4K, high-resolution vision. Students saw firsthand the work that goes into understanding climate change, managing ecosystems, researching sustainability, and conserving wildlife. 

Outdoor Education recently hiked in Kosciusko National Park for three days in the remote wilderness and continue their expeditions with canyoning as the end of classes approaches.

Year 12 student Maia Cameron has been signed by her local A League Women’s club Canberra United for the 2023/2024 season. Maia is in line to make her senior debut before completing school. We would like to wish her the best for her football future

We congratulate all our individuals and teams who took part in sporting activities throughout the year and we wish  all the best to teams heading to the Gold Coast for the national school championships in Volleyball and Basketball.  Congratulations also to students and staff for running BBQ’s various over the last few weeks as effective fundraisers for these trips to nationals.


The inaugural LakeFEST the festival for students to explore ideas, connect with others and take part in activities including Yoga, Legobuilds, Arts and Crafts, Socratic circles, health and wellbeing EXPO, student performances, short films, Lake Idol and more was a great success, and we look forward to the event in 2024.

Arts, Technology and Design

The Arts, Technology and Design Faculty has a series of events this term. Our DanceFEST piece was an intriguing, choreographed dance with 15 of our students, the Come Alive Festival, drama piece will be held on Friday 3 November, 3.30pm, 6pm, at the Mill Theatre, Dairy Road, Fyshwick, and the school drama production 12 Angry Jurors begins on Tuesday 5 December.

The Arts, Technology and Design Showcase is next Tuesday 7 November.  Students are looking forward to the evening to show their design, performances, craft, and construction work and all are welcome to attend!

We look forward to wishing our year 12s well at the final assembly next week before final assessments occur, then celebrations for the formal and graduation.  We will live stream the graduation again and hope this helps family and friends share the experience.

All the best to all our students for next week, study tips below in Education Matters, and don’t forget to ask your teachers for help or if you have any questions. 

The school wishes year 12 students every success, thank you for your contributions over the last two years, and we look forward to what the future will bring.

Melissa Planten

I have thoroughly enjoyed my first term working with the students and staff and I am happy to announce that I will be returning in 2024.

As a Youth Worker, I have a broad understanding of the education and community supports available to young people.

Breakfast Club

The Breakfast Club is back on Monday mornings in the newly renovated Commons area. We are planning to open for more days in 2024.

Thank you to Woolworths Metro for kindly donating fresh fruit and muesli bars to support students during the AST exams in September.


The school came together to enjoy a BBQ on RUOK? Day to encourage social interaction, collegiality and to bring attention to this very good cause. Information was available to support members of the college to start a conversation.


Wellbeing Expo

As part of the Lake Fest program in Week 12, I organised a Wellbeing Expo featuring community service providers available for young people in the local area. Thank you to Multicultural Hub, SafeHaven, Anglicare/Cyclops, Junction, Capital Region Community Services and Canteen. The student response was very encouraging, and I was pleased to see young people forge connections with services that can enrich their lives.

Teen Trade Program

The Teen Trade program, run by Bunnings, is a fantastic opportunity for students at the end of term 4. Bunnings’ team members will teach the students some basic building skills whilst keeping it fun, engaging, and hands-on. Students will be working together to build dog houses which will then be donated to the RSPCA. The students will also personally deliver their dog houses to the RSPCA to see how their contribution has helped a Not-For-Profit community group. Students need to commit to three 1-hour sessions outside class time. There are limited spaces available. See Jo-Ann if you are interested.

UC SSC Lake Ginninderra has had a long history of close involvement with the University of Canberra culminating in formal recognition in a formal partnership since 2011. Professor Thomas Nielsen, an academic at the university, has had the longest association with the college as a visiting speaker in his expert areas of positive psychology and a currciulum of giving as sources of true happiness.

The research interests of Dr Nielsen align very well with the non-academic purposes of the outdoor education program at the college. Dr Nielsen participated in two of the annual excursions by the college to Great Barrier Reef island Lady Musgrave Island wearing both a participant hat and a research hat.

He expressed the results of his researches in three published papers, the most recent of which was published in 2023.

In the first paper Dr Nielsen finds that qualitative data showed that the wellbeing activities facilitated students’ connection and gratitude towards nature, promoted self-reflection, and a shift in values and worldviews toward social concern. Together with the quantitative data which showed a statistically significant increase in Floursihing Scores from pre-trip to post-trip, the results of this in-depth case study support the growing body of literature showing that forms of altruism performed regularly are beneficial to wellbeing and meaningful happiness.


This was followed in the second paper by a story of the (re)discovery of the social and natural ecologies that bind us together, and of how explicit teaching and learning about these ecologies can make a difference to young people’s abilities to consciously be part of, contribute to, and sustain these ecologies.

A grounded theory of five dimensions of giving (to self, others, communities, environment, and the whole) is offered as a beginning framework from which to imbue teaching and learning with meaning and social concern.

Finally in 2023 further analysis found that six repeated themes were identified: (1) exploration, (2) modelling, (3) explicit instruction, (4) incidental learning, (5) crisis management, and (6) intent. Discussed as instrumental for promoting eudaimonic happiness (‘meaningful living’), these categories may assist educators by providing a broader spectrum of teaching pedagogies with which to not only improve engagement and wellbeing in young people, but also improve their own sense of professional satisfaction and wellbeing.

It has been wonderful to assist with this research, and as a school to integrate happiness and wellbeing in curriculum design.

In Week 12 we enjoyed LakeFest - a three day festival of events and activities that challenged, supported and extended our students. Tuesday was LakeIdeas, a day focussed on new, profound, or challenging ideas. This featured a talk by ANU academic and ABC Radio presenter Dr. Kim Huynh on unsettling ideas, challenging round-table discussions hosted by The Ethics Centre, a very entertaining Spelling Bee and more and two ‘guestimation’ competitions run by our maths and science department. In pre-Halloween news it took 68 rubber bands to split a carving pumpkin. Wednesday was LakeChill, a day focussed on supporting student wellbeing. The day started with a free Yoga session for staff, and another was held for students at lunchtime, but the main event was the large  wellbeing expo, featuring many local wellbeing support services. The big finale was on Thursday - the enormous, annual LakeIdol event. Hundreds of students filled the central quad and enjoyed talented performances by more than a dozen acts. 2023 was the first LakeFest and we look forward to building on this year’s success in 2024 and beyond.


This is a follow up from our previous newsletter about the Cyber Schools Challenge conducted by Services Australia, Cyber Security division. Students from UCSSC, Lake Ginninderra actively participated in team discussions and collaborations to resolve simulated cyber threats as they arose during the challenge.

For more media involving the college, please see the photos and links below.

The Mandarin:

Win News:


We would also like to acknowldge an international student who has now completed his time at the college. Muhammad Yunus (Year 12) came to UCSSC, Lake Ginninderra last year. His contributions to the areas of IT such as Robotics & Mechatronics & Digital technologies over the last two years have been quite brilliant.

His design and thinking skills besides skills in programming and subsequent innovations are a hallmark of his growth and development in the areas of IT.

His communication skills in leading teams and speaking to all were evident in the recently concluded cyber-challenge from Services Australia. We wish him the very best leading to any of his future endeavours.

Geography students attended the National Museum of Australia on excursion recently to attend the Antarctica Experience. The experience explored the day in the life of Antarctic scientists in an immersive virtual reality adventure.

In the experience the students toured Antarctica in a helicopter cockpit, landed on glaciers, discovered a penguin colony and learnt about daily life in these harsh conditions. Students saw firsthand the work that goes into understanding climate change, managing ecosystems, reaching sustainability, and conserving wildlife.

HIA Apprentices has a number of ASBA and full-time apprenticeship vacancies across various construction trades, including;

  • Bricklaying
  • Cabinetmaking
  • Carpentry
  • Painting
  • Plastering
  • Roof Plumbing

 Apply through the online recruitment portal below:

 Careers at HIA (

 Or follow the QR code on the flier.

Pathways to the University of Canberra


University of Canberra College offers a pathway for current Year 12 students and recent school leavers who wish to study an undergraduate degree at the UC, and whose current academic qualifications do not allow them direct admission to UC. Students study four subjects that focus on the development of skills needed to successfully study at university:

Humanities - prepares for the content, style and subject matter of academic teaching and thinking.              

Analytical Methods - develops analytical thinking skills and competence in solving mathematical problems.

Academic Techniques - teaches the practical skills you need to comply with university standards and expectations. 

Numeracy and Digital Literacy – learn via a range of appropriate technologies to assist with studies.

Intakes to the course are in February and July, with classes delivered face-to-face on Mondays and Fridays, over 18 weeks.  The July intake includes students who are in Year 12.  Enrolment is via the student’s college, as students must attend two college courses in Semester 2, whilst enrolled in UC Connect.

Who is eligible?

  • Students who are enrolled in an Accredited Package (A-Package);
  • Students who are enrolled in a Tertiary Package (T-Package) who are investigating alternate entry to an undergraduate course at UC.

More information is available via:

Student appointments will be available for Year 11 student from Monday 4 December to Friday 15 December.

To make an appointment, please email


In a great display of collaboration and innovation, a dynamic team of three business students and one economics student from the college achieved global recognition in the ANU Business Case Study competition. Competing against teams from around the world, they showcased their talent by developing groundbreaking strategies for establishing the weekly on-campus Kambri Markets.



The team was a blend of diverse academic backgrounds and perspectives. Business students Angus, Chisomaga, and Kasha, with Eva, an economics major, combined their expertise to approach the case study with a blend of market analysis, financial analysis, business planning and business strategies. This interdisciplinary approach proved to be a key differentiator in the competition.


The team tackled this competition head-on. They conducted thorough market research, analysed consumer behaviour, and developed a financial model to ensure the Kambri Market’s sustainability. Their proposal included innovative marketing strategies, a practical business plan, operations management, a financial plan and a focus on creating a community-centric experience.


Their presentation was the culmination of weeks of hard work, showcasing not only their proposed solution but also their ability to work cohesively as a team. Their strategy was well-received for its creativity, feasibility, and thorough understanding of the market dynamics



Reaching the finals in such a competitive international arena was a significant accomplishment for the Lake Ginninderra team. It highlighted their ability to think globally, work collaboratively across disciplines, and develop solutions that are both innovative and practical.

The success of the team in this ANU competition is a shining example of how diversity in education and thought can lead to exceptional outcomes.